The leader does not give orders, sets the example.” – Herminio Nevárez

In my daily work, part of the time is devoted to seek leaders, current or potential, to provide them with work tools that turn that leadership (which they may already have or may develop) into a machine to create personal and professional success .

Almost everywhere, to be a leader seems to mean “to order”, ” to be the boss”, “the dictator” or “I can and order”. It’s this way in politics, in the workplace, in families, in relationships.

I say “seems to mean” because in fact it does not.

There is a huge difference between a leader and a boss.

– The boss, commands, coordinates, checks, oversees, promotes and punishes.

– The leader sets the example suggests, captivates, involves, motivates and inspires.

Some people, to whom I put the label (a little unfair by the way) of “subordinated”, need a boss and the iron structure it represents. They need a rigid schedule, a fixed salary no matter how low, being told what to do and how. They escape responsibilities and try to maintain a profile as low as possible so as not be noticed. They are focused on the salary at the end of the month and, after all, it is the only thing that interests them.

I know so many people who are like this, and with one or two exceptions, I find them very good people. Some of my good friends are “subordinates” and it does not give or remove any value from them as human beings.

But there is another kind of person: the leaders.

I look for the leaders as I myself study and develop the qualities that are necessary to become an increasingly more and better one.

This “class” of people seek, above all else, freedom.

They want to express themselves, provide feedback, clarify ideas. In action, they are the first to jump into the pool of water, working hard, showing the results and teaching. They are never satisfied with what they have earned and become inspiring headlights to all who want a lifestyle of freedom, away from the boss’s orders and the misleading safety of the earnings at the end of the month.

Personally I have already found some and have the enormous privilege of having several of these people in my work group. I’m still seeking others. People who consider this to be one of the ways they can and want to go.

The most interesting thing is that being a leader, after all, has no importance: the only important thing is to have the qualities.

No one becomes a leader by looking to gather followers but by giving the example. And it is the example that attracts followers while, at the same time, turnes them into new leaders.

I’ll show you what to look for to distinguish a true leader of an “fake leader”:

– This one, the second, is very focused on having many followers and showing that he has power;

– The first, the true one, is focused on transforming each follower into a new leader and is concerned about every second serving better and better, as many people as possible.

When I was younger, I read in the Bible the words of Jesus Christ who said something like: “whoever wants to be first must become the servant of all (Mark 10.43-44) and it did not seem to make much sense, unless in a spiritualist vision detached from reality.

After all it took over 20 years for me to finally understand this over 2000 year old idea, for me, to prove it to be true in real life. I can not say I wasn’t impressed.

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