“Leadership is not something that can be taught, it can only be learned.” – Unknown

When I speak of leadership I don’t speak of authority, but of autonomy. And autonomy means that you have chosen your own path, you know where you’re going, you have the means, or you have a means to achieve the means, with it you make a plan and act based on that plan.

100% Competence and 100% Commitment.

That’s a leader. A leader is not defined by followers, but by purpose. And because it’s not defined by followers, it’s actually irrelevant whether he has them or not.

Is it possible, then, to be a leader without followers, or to have followers and not be leading anything? Of course. How many times have you seen a worker who is more competent and more motivated that his boss? A student more dedicated than the teacher? A downline more knowledgeable and committed than his upline?

Robin Sharma calls these leaders “leaders without a title”. They are the ones who actually grow an organization.

  • If you are one of them, with or without a title, you have a purpose in your life. You will probably leave behind a better world than the one you found.
  • If you’re not one, think again about what your doing here.

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