“Extract from your life from your imagination and not of your story.” – Stephen Covey

I heard a long time ago, “what your mind can conceive, it can also achieve” (W. Clement Stone), and to be very honest with you, it seemed like a crap.

I studied creative visualization and meditation, but always understood that what goes through the mind, belongs to the mind and what is happening in the world belongs to the world. I accepted that the mind had influence over my own body, but as my body is physically separated from the world, my mind could not have any power to accomplish something in the world outside myself.

Today I think differently and I call this ability to create a “manifestation”.

To want something, create certain mental conditions, also using the imagination, and initiate a process of laboring indoors that will manifest that which you intend.

This is real. This is how it works.

But before you begin to put this idea aside, thinking it has something to do with “magic” or the “supernatural” let me tell you this: Pay attention to what I wrote above. I said, “laboring inside” and “manifestation”. And these two expressions work synergistically and enclose a secret.

You will transform you on the inside.

This personal work that some authors call “tuning” is what will manifest the result. And can you this transformation through creative visualization, using your imagination to create what you wish, and through the deliberate intention: the action begun by intuition carried out with reason.

This is the work of laboring inside, you’re doing to grow until you have the size of your dream.

The secret of “manifestation” are you going to see something happen that has always been there, but that you do not see because you were not prepared. If you know what you want then it’s already there waiting for you, you can feel grateful today, even if at this point you’re not yet ready for your manifestation so you may no yet see things happen. And being thankful means being generous.

Imagine you want a new car, or a boyfriend, or 10,000 euros in the bank. Be thankfull from your heart that you have these goods within your reach and reciprocate with generosity equal to your gratitude. You’ll see that you start to distribute goods, knowledge, ideas, money for people who need this stuff yours. And that goes for the engines in motion inside you, feeding the working process within you that will lead to the manifestation of what you want.

Isn’t it so interesting how this economy works? I do not know if I made myself clear. I hope so, because it is not so complicated. It’s harder to describe than to do.

Now think of the people who want to have a better life and hold the money, don’t help anyone, don’t share the good things they have. Are concerned because in the past they had difficulties, or are now going through them. They will never have that better life they so much desire, because in this “cosmic economy,” the abundance flows to those who make it flow and retracts for whom retracts. So it’s your imagination that will create a good future for you and not your story.

You must be thinking that this is a bit mystical, but I’ll tell you: it is how it is.

You don’t need to believe for this to work.

All you have to do is act.

Once you see what happens, you shall believe very quickly … I suspect.

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