“Even before the realization of a dream, the Soul of the World decides to test everything.” – – Paulo Coelho

Today is December 22, the first day of a new era. Yesterday the sun died quietly and darkness reigned the longest night of the year. That was yesterday. Today began the cycle of the victory of light, Sol Invictus. The day will be a few minutes longer than yesterday. The onset of winter brings with it the seeds of spring already.

When you have a dream an you throw your intention and act on it, the Soul of the World starts working for you.

You do not know what is happening, because the seeds germinate in the darkness of the earth. You just have to know that the wheels are in motion and you have to act when you are asked.

So, even before the first buds show themselves, you will be put to the test. The Soul of the World will check if you are what you asked and if your intention resonates with you. At that time you might fail the test.

It is here that most of the dropouts drop arms and it is then that the greatest blessings are not given.

Make sure you don’t let your arms fall even before you see the miracle. And while it
unfolds before your eyes, embrace it and accept it without resistance that he will always be with you.

If you notice, many miracles end up not happening just because you offer resistance and don’t let yourself be guided by your heart.

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