“There is no growth in the comfort zone.”

I remember a funny story:

There was an old couple sitting on a bench looking at the trees and talking.

The woman said to her husband:

– Manuel, life is bitch to us. Imagine so many people go to the movies, the beach, their children and grandchildren’s house, know other countries, have health and money , and we ‘re here looking at the trees, sad old and sick.

The man replied:

– Mary, you know you’re right? Lets get up from here and let’s take a walk, go with a tour and then, on Sunday, we’ll have lunch at home our son. We can stay there for the week taking care of our grandchildren. We could go to the movies, read a book and you could even go to that nice wine bar! What a great idea! Come on!

– Manuel, let it be, let it be. It’s not so bad here catching a little sun.”

When you feel comfortable in any activity, it’s time for you to push beyond. Feeling comfortable is deadly to your development because as long as you don’t challenge yourself you won’t grow.

You can’t want to travel without leaving the same place, to have the benefits of reading without ever reading a book, to learn how to swim without ever getting in the water. It’s simply not possible. Likewise, you can’t live in “comfort” mode, without challenges, and want to progress, because you can’t have omelets without breaking eggs.

So, when you look at your life and notice that you need to evolve, think that it only happens if you change yourself first, if you leave your artificial safety zone and venture a bit.

You don’t need to climb the Everest, but if you do something simple, different from what you have until now, that act will expand your comfort zone a little and you’ll soon be more and more bold, brave and happy.

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