“My God, protect me from my friends! I will take care of my enemies.” – Voltaire

This does not mean that friends are not for real or just wait for an opportunity to stab us in the back. No, I’m talking about that friend who really cares for us, would be able to take off his shirt to give us. One who just wants to help and protect us.

For that friend, call for the protection of God, because the hour is coming, and who knows if it hasn’t already arrived, to say goodbye, not to the friendship, but to the regular and daily living with a person who can love you but who’s preventing you from following your “personal legend” (as Paulo Coelho sais).

On one hand he cares about you and tries to protect you from failure, on the other hand, the possibility of success and your determination reminds him of the dream he himself did not have the courage to pursue and makes him feel bad about himself.

For both reasons he will try to dissuade you from your decision to change your life.

And it is for this reason that you without stoping loving him, you’ll spend most of your time with other people, people that get you closer to your goal, you will create new friendships, and you’ll find yourself, from time to time, with him and other old friends, to talk about old times.

Do not kid yourself: if you reach the point of having a enthusiastic life project and your friends ever try to dissuade you, they who in the past five years have not increased or improved their lives, then, like I said, it’s time to move on and maintain a limited association with them.

Indeed, as you have little in common with them.

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