“A man can not do right in one area of ​​life, while busy in doing wrong in another. Life is one indivisible whole.” – Mahatma Gandhi

One reason why some people are successful in many other aspects of life and have nothing to show has to do with the fact that most think that the “me” are in fact “many” that have nothing to do with each other:

– An “me” in employment, one at home, another with friends, some with family, others still in business, others to care for the body, another mind.

If you think that you are many, you might think you can do several incompatible things smoothly:

– Being healthy and smoking, being unfaithful and loving your wife or husband, being a liar and well-intentioned, taking advantage of others and being generous, being apparently successful and being selfish, talking of ethics and pulling the rug from underneath someone’s feet .

Think you can build whatever if you do not deliver 100%?

Do not think you can improve your relationship with your wife or husband if you continue to mistreat your health with excesses of food, alcohol and tobacco, or that you can succeed in business if you insist on being a liar or brag with friends. Do not think that what you do in your dark corner doesn’t manifest tomorrow in broad daylight! …

All monsters you’re up farming in various fields of your life come back to bite you ass. And look where they attack you least expect it: suddenly the lack of money separates you wife or husband, stress and a bad conscience take you health and lack of this makes you lose your job, or a betrayal to a friend (yes, treason! arranged even if you have a good excuse for it) you closed the door on an opportunity.

Do not forget: You are not “many”: are “one”.

And that One is, in all its facets, which leads you to glory or disaster.

Treats yourself well, learn and evolve as a whole and in all aspects: body, mind, spirit and all its manifestations.

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