“Whenever I walked after money I never had enough money. When I started to make a goal for my life, to give myself and give everything I could humanly make, then I started to be prosperous.” – Wayne Dyer

How is it that generosity is the engine of prosperity is a mechanic I still don’t understand. It’s kinda like the engine of my car. I know it’s there, but it’s a mystery to me.

St. Francis of Assisi said: “It is in giving that we receive”, friends tell me that for me to succeed in business, put aside some money every day to give to the poor, “The Secret” tells us to send gratitude first and, as we know, gratitude is the principle of generosity.

It seems that the rule is: you have to take what you’re looking first. You will attract to yourself all double or triple.

If this is really true, incredibly it seems everyone is saying the same, so if you want money, you have to give money. If you want clothes, make clothes, if you want a car, give your car, if you expect more affection, give mor afection, more love, give love, solidarity and support, give solidarity and support. If you want to be cheered, applaude, admired, admire, promoted, promote, praised, praise.

I must tell you though that it is not enough to do all these things, because emotion is what gives color to what you will attract.

If you give money but keep thinking about how much you needed it, you’re feeling the shortage and you will attract more shortage. If you give affection and feel you’re the only one that gives affection and others don’t do the same for you, you will continue to attract “others who don’t give affection” , if you admire but feel jealous because you’re not there, you will continue to be “not there. “

It is not easy to give things, love, teachings, an open heart, without letting in the shadow of the ego that wants the reward now and concentrates your attention on the “shortage” rather than in “abundance”.

If you can silence the ego while you give, you can give from a deep sense of gratitude for all the abundance you already have. And it’s this gratitude that will generate the generosity that  brings you prosperity and every one of the aspects that you choose to prosper.

After all, the recipe is not so complicated, but it is even real?

Look, to be honest with you, I really think it is.

My personal life is at a thousand an hour, I see miracles happen every day and have seen that there is a powerful relationship between gratitude, generosity and prosperity. It is how a
Magic Triangle where one vertex generates the following, an infinite loop.

So I’m writing this now, I do not want to keep to it all to myself.

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