“If you do what the majority does, you will achieve the same results as the majority.”

Think for a moment about this:

the majority elects politicians (!), the majority complains of politicians, the majority blames the circumstances, the majority is always right, the majority works to survive, the majority does not work to contribute, the majority thinks it pays a lot of taxes, the majority is suspicious.

As a result:

the majority doesn’t have health, the majority has little money, the majority has a boring job, the majority is poor when reaching the retirement age, the majority lives frustrated, the majority do not make their dreams come true, the majority no longer has dreams, the majority thinks there is nothing to change, the majority thinks it’s too late.

I think the this way: 5% of the population is rich at retirement age, lives 10 years more of life expectancy, it calles itself happy at the moment (any moment now).

These 5% think differently and obviously do something different than the majority.

I do not know what you think, but it’s with these 5% that I want to be and learn.

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