Imagine the following scenario.

You work in network marketing, you invite people to work with you, people you know and some that you do not, and for the ones you do not know you use the Internet. It is likely that your numbers are similar to these: you recruit 1 in every 10 people among the people you know, and 1 in every 100 people you do not know (qualified contacts in your list). Your numbers may be different from these but they are in fact the average.

With whom are you making your money? Are you making money with the people that you recruited or with the ones that you did not? Obviously, you make money with the people you recruited for your business because you are going to receive commissions based on their purchases. The people you did not recruit did not bring you any money, right? Right.

The only problem with this method is that you contacted dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people, you wasted time, money, gas, rang up phone bills and in the end you have to content yourself with a couple of distributors out of an enormous universe of potential distributors. The money you make with those new distributors probably will not even pay for your expenses and the time you spent recruiting them time. Do not worry about it that is just the way it is…prospecting normally costs money. Your upline keeps telling you that it is an investment in your own business, but you are beginning to wonder if you are not spending money to work instead of the other way around. As I said before, prospecting normally costs you money …if you do not have a better method.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you had a method of prospecting which would allow you to make money with the prospects that say yes, and would allow you to make money with the 95% of the people that turn you down? Wouldn’t it be great, if even when no one joined your multi level marketing business you could still make money? At least if you could generate enough income to cover your prospecting expenses such as telephone calls, advertising and business trips. How can you always make money? How can you make money with the people who join your business as well as the people who do not join your network?

I am going to tell you a true story:

During the American gold rush, hundreds and thousands of prospectors raced west to seize the “golden” opportunity. It was total madness; everyone wanted a piece of the pie, so to speak. They turned their lives upside down in a mad rush to get everything they needed. They bought pick axes and shovels, wagons, adequate clothing, mules, sifting pans, canned food, pots and pans, tin ware, tents and everything else they could imagine. They bought everything they thought they might need so they would be prepared to prospect for gold and get rich.

Some found gold and struck it rich. Others found gold and spent it, sometimes they spent more than they had found, and others did not find any gold and continued to be poor. . This is how it is, in every business and in every human endeavor.  However, there was one group that became extremely rich; the people who sold gold miners all the tools and equipment they needed, the wagons, the shovels, the pick axes, the food and the appropriate clothing.

In multi level marketing and in all occupations there are three types of people:

  1. There are the people who do not want to anything to change their lives. They do not go after an opportunity and if they do, they lack the adequate tools or a system to support them, so nothing happens. It is a shame really, but the problem lies within them.
  2. The great majority of people are the type that pay for their gym membership and only go the first week. They buy an expensive exercise machine and end up using it only two or three time in total. They go out, buy weight loss products, and do not use them. They buy books and do not read them. They have a multi level marketing business and do not bring it to fruition.
  3. Then there are those who want to get things done, they have a vision and they make things happen. They gather the tools they need to create the right conditions study, learn with the best, and become rich.

Take the example of the prospectors and apply it to Empower Network system, the largest and most popular system of lead generation on the internet for network marketing. The second group of people, the ones who buy the e book but do not read it, or do not become affiliates, or do not take any advantage of the system. They buy the course but then they lack the patience and perseverance to study and practice until they have acquired the skill set they need to get results they wanted.

These courses and this system are your arsenal of gold digging tools. If you yourself purchase the Empower Network system and become an affiliate you will have a store that is open for all the gold diggers out there, and you always make money. Even if the person that buys from you never lifts a finger. In reality there is very little you can do for that person besides encourage them to use the tools they have bought from you. You cannot make them work and you certainly cannot do the work for them.
This is the secret to success of the Empower Network system. It gives you a means of making money even if your affiliates don’t do the work. It provides you with the tools so you can continue to encourage and help them without wasting time and money.

The third group, the group of hard working “gold diggers”, is the group you want to bring into your multi level marketing business. Teach them all the tricks of the trade that are not in the handbooks, the tricks that only the experienced professional that created them knows. Now you are sure they will put all this precious information to good use. Together you will create more wealth and prosperity then you could ever have imagined possible, making money even with those who do not want your business.


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