I met Marina Leal on the plane, on a trip to Austin, Texas, in January.

On that trip she was an executive and entrepreneur, but on the trip back she was like a sister.

What happened in those four days travel stays untold, but the results she speaks  of herself:

We deposited 30 something years of work plus 23 in what is a traditional business that we believe in, that we only new to work with in a certain way and it always worked.

We were always successful, but I had a path in my life that, as I look back, all I see is work. I’m a mother, I’m a wife, but I’m actually not because I’m very absent. I have a fabulous husband that, I used to say, who knows what came in the contract, but it’s a tough contract. It’s very tough. And maybe he was decieved because this contract implicated a workahoic. And being a workaholic is a hell of an addiction, you can’t even imagine. And when we speak of a drug or something, the drug of work is as strong and violent as any other. And I must tell you that I was such a workaholic that I wouldn’t allow myself rest on holidays. During my holidays I had the abscent work sindrome. So I stoped sleeping, I annoyed my husband all the time… it’s tottal madness.

For some people who know me, you might know that, sometimes, the excesses of the drug lead to phisical problems. I had a very serious problem in 2008. I know why: because I was clinging to work. I don’t have any problems saying I had death in front of me in the form of a lymphoma. I was fighting to stay alive. And you have no idea how hard it is to see it right there. We all know we’re going sometime and we’re not staying here forever, but that’s for later. But as you see it right there, right in front of you, I was thinking “Marina, what have you been doing all these years?”, looking back I thought “there are still so many things I wanted to do and I don’t know if I’ll be able to do them.” And that is brutal, I’ll tell you now. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. And one more time, as to not think and focus on the cure, to try and get through how terrible it is to see death calling, what did I do? I didn’t learn my lesson and I worked and worked and worked. I spent a year doing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, everything I had the right to and I worked. Except I think that, when someone is fighting to stay alive, it’s not at that time that the person thinks about life a lot. I actually never allowed myself to think about myself a lot because all could think about was work.

And when I finished the process of fighting against an enemy that I didn’t know, I sort of fell on myself and thought “wow, what do I want for myself?” But I didn’t think about it too much, I knew I wanted something, maybe not to be so attached to my drug of choice, which doesn’t mean that through out the process of getting cured I hadn’t gone into huge projects like this one. I was working on it for two years without knowing if I was even going to be alive to lauch it. But I did it because I’m very obstinate with things.

Until I found this project and maybe my story is a little different from most of yours, some think we’re here for money. I wasn’t here for money, I was here for something else that now that you know me a bit more you might understand. For something else, and I didn’t really know what. Until I got in, I met you guys, I identified myself with you. And we were both in december and I bought the 15K, and because we never took holidays and we never had time for anything, my husband would come up to me and say “come on, lets take a vacation, I got the money right here” and I was just thinking about Austin. He just said “look ok I know you’re going to Autin. That’s fine just go to Austin, forget the holidays, just go”.

So I found myself, in January, with 3 “illustrious knights” Silvio, Rui and Miguel and they took me with them to Austin. So I was going on this trip all businesswoman like, because I was going to see the business. And I had to cross the ocean to, at the age of 45, come two guys one of them in flipflops and another one god knows how and tell me (there were 5000 people there but they were talking to me) marina, think of yourself. And it was brutal, I was actually not ready for what happened in Austin. I was smaked in the face, I must tell you, it was so brutal for me that, when I got home, I had a fever for 3 days.

“The hard one”, the one that never cries”, I was smaked in the face so hard, I found myself over there crying like a baby because they were talking to me. And I just kept my head down and hoped no one saw me.

Silvio has a side that I love wich is “Marina, go! Marina move forward!” I love it when he pushes me like that. And then there’s Rui who was there and who streightened up my ideas. I would go up to him and say “Rui, I have to go up to my room because I’m confused, I didn’t come looking for this, I wasn’t ready for this.” The fact is that, when I heared about the importance of the events I thought it made no difference, but it actually got me thinking “Calm down, Marina. This isn’t just the money, it’s about something more.” And maybe that “something more” that I found in this project, the thought that I am a person, I’m also somebody, I have to stop and think about myself, work isn’t just work. And then there is something more which is the money that I, honestly wasn’t counting on because I never believed I could make a lot of money on the Internet.

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