Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel and I am co-founder of Lazy Millionaires League of Empower Network.

Today I will talk about the marketing funnel.

Everyone connected to internet marketers have heard of the marketing funnel. If you have not heard yet, this will be the first time but without marketing funnel really is no great results. It is mandatory.

The marketing funnel is like your shop on the internet, and you can compose this funnel with every product we well understand. May be products themselves, may be affiliates of others, does not matter. But I’m talking about digital products.

What is the image of the funnel?

It is easy to understand: It has a very wide mouth one hand, and on the other hand a narrow mouth, and it has a route, a process.

That’s what happens in our business on the internet and will happen or is happening in yours.

Many people who subscribe to your list, who are interested in receiving information you have to give, (are your audience), some of them buy something of low value, then some of them buy other people’s stuff that you recommended and will giving a yield itself over and over and over and over.

So the way you manage your funnel is the way you manage your business, is precisely the same thing.

We often forget that managing the marketing funnel is not actually managing things, but a management of people .

The success of the funnel depends on the success of its relationship with the people on your list.

So what is behind the good results that you may have in your selling strategies online, is the relationship that you could create with your list by sending free content and information that you have been sending to these people.

Here lies the secret to the success of your marketing funnel. You can create the relationship with your list.

Now do not forget one thing: the people who make you spend more time, usually are not the people who give you more money.

You have to distinguish the two things very well, so you do not spend time with people who are not interested in actually doing what they say they want to do.

There are people who ask for help to make a blog and you can help, but then they will not do the blog. They got the knowledge but not the practice.

Then you should choose well which people with whom you will relate to a more personal level.

For me there is a very simple rule: the increased commitment on the part of the people on my list, proportionally increases the commitment to that person, a increasingly personal and personalized level.

If the only thing a person did was sign up on my list, will have a “treatment” fairly automated. But as you approach, buying things, will be interesting, will participate, will be involved, so will having a more personalized monitoring.

This is a golden rule to prevent you wasting time with people who actually say they do, but do not. And, on the other hand, use your time with people of much value they have the right to demand of him the most you can give, because they give you your money, appreciation and recognition.

This content was transcribed from recordings provided Rui Gabriel.

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