“Many dream of immortality but get bored on a rainy Sunday.” – Susan Ertz

Check if your dream is for you.

I know someone who dreams of running a marathon, but once starts running,  the pains in the legs start and gives up. Another would have a big bank account, but once he gets the salary he spends it whole. Another still stays awake at night to idealize a life as a couple but when the opportunity arises to relate to someone, he retracts. I’d like to make a trip around the world and learn about other cultures, but if I have the opportunity to go eat sushi I make a face and say I do not like raw fish. I would also like to be a great footballer, money, fame, but the detail of playing, training and … it no longer pleases me very much.

You can dream whatever you want, but assess whether this dream is really the one for you.

The higher it is the less you’re prepared to achieve it.

You have two alternatives. Either change your dream and you bring it closer to your reality, or change your reality to get closer to your dream. One of two things will happen.

It’s so good to have choices, is not it? Begin to do whatever is within your reach now. Want to travel around the world and see other cultures? Start today: go have sushi, kebab, Chinese and Indian. If you want to marathon train. Expose yourself to others if you expect a romance.

In every dream is an important part that does not depend on you: there are circumstances, other people involved, means and resources, but there is always something that depends on you and what you can do right now.

That is all that is asked of you.

Now I will tell you maximum immortal, prepare yourself:

“What’s not up to you … doesn’t depend on you, but what depends on you, depends on you.”

Did you like it? Deep Huh?

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