“We can only improve what we can measure.” – José Carlos Loureiro

Small business owners generally content themselves with a certain intuition to manage their business. It’s wright because intuition is often the best way to capture an overview that reasoning does not reach.

However, if there are aspects of life that can not be measured, such as spirituality, personal fulfillment and love, there are others who not only can but must be measured because its very nature is measurable. I talk about economic growth, turnover, conversion rates on a website, various ratios.

If you have a small business of your own or would like to, you have to remember the following:

  •     If you don’t know how much you spend, you can’t ever save.


  •     If you don’t know how much you earn, you can never increase your income.


  •     If you do not know how much you are growing or declining, you can not take the adequate measures.

There is a portion in the rational control of our lives that you shouldn’t overlook.

Check what can be measured and measure it so you can make it better, also check what can’t be measured and do not try to measure it nor put it in a box into categories with labels because the nature of what you can not measure is to be fluid and slippery to reason.

When you can integrate both realities with one another you can say that you are whole and you are not divided.

Do not forget, motivation can’t be measured, but you can measure its effects. Love can not be measured, but you can measure its achievements. Personal fulfillment you can not measure, but you can evaluate the effects of stress.

On the other hand, the bank account can be measured, but you want to give it a meaning, you can measure billing but you want it to reflect ethical practices, your performance can be measured, but you want it to be a reflection of number of people you helped to improve their income also.

Measure and evaluate what can be measured and evaluated, but gives it a meaning.

Appreciate and develop the qualities that can not be measured, but create ways to evaluate their effects and results.

I think this way you’ll be a whole person, integrated with a sense of purpose in life and means to chase it.

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