Just arrived from Austin, Texas, where I was at an event about Internet Marketing with the founders of Empower Network (David Wood and David Sharpe), I ended up meeting with Mike Dillard.


If you do not know who Mike Dillard, I’ll explain. He is responsible for Attraction Marketing worldwide. It was from his work that all of us learned Attraction Marketing. Us and all the gurus of internet marketing in the world of today.

As you can imagine this encounter was magical. We talked about many things. He has a special interest in the Portuguese market and, once again, confirmed my suspicions that Internet Marketing in Portuguese is on track, through our work.

More and more people are making money on our team “Lazy Millionaires!”

Only after a little more than 3 months, we had 2 people in the meeting of the top 200 global Empower Network, there in Austin (Silvio Fortunato and I), and a great many people in the top 1000 (from more than 80 thousand members).

I’ve had several individual days were I win over $1000, and within 4 days after this encounter with Mike Dillard won a little over $2000 in Empower Network. The goal of the magical $1000 per day, every day, consistently, is approaching fast.

What pleases me most though, is the fact that some people in our group are also starting to have $1000 days  , each time with more consistency.

This means that we are well-connected, we have access to information that matters, the proper mindset and we network with the right people.

Today you have the opportunity to re-connected to this super-successful world and also manage to have that place in the sun that you know you deserve.

Watch the video HERE which led to all this.



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