“The world is a great mirror.” – Thomas Dreier

I think the most important daily task that a successful person has to fulfill is to decide whether the world is enemy or friend.

Based on this decision you will make decisions and take action to defend yourself (“survival mode”) or helping (“contribution mode”).

The difference is that:

– Who lives in survival mode is concerned with what he doesn’t have: no friends, money, love, success. And sees the world as a place in which, to achieve something, it has to be taken from someone else. Lives in competition, stress, fear of failing and, interestingly,  the world protects itself from this person making it very difficult to get what he wants. It’s like if you wanted to take candy from a child: the more you make an effort the more the child grabs it.

ajudar-Who lives incontribution mode is not concerned with what he doesn’t have  because he knows he will soon have it: success, love, money, friends. And will achieve this by helping other people get it too, enjoying the small victories. When you are generous and collaborative it’s vastly more likely to find generosity and collaboration.

Don’t really know if you are in survival mode or contribution?

Quick test: facing a crisis for example in the workplace or family life or business, what is your first thought?

  • “What do I have to gain / lose from this?” or
  • “How can I help?”

Your world depends on your choice: your world is your mirror.

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