It is for me a great privilege to speak to you about the 7 myths that can be destructive to the business of anyone on the internet and also in terms of Personal Marketing.

The 1st of these myths is that the value is intrinsic to a product or a person who, because of being valuable, will automatically succeed.

It is not true and never was true.

Imagine that you have a highly valued profession, you’re a person of great value to the profession and wich makes you think that, because of that, one day, you’ll be descovered, people around you will appreciate you, your boss will give you a raise or promote you. If you already have this experience then you know that it’s not so. The same thing goes for products. You have an extraordinary product to sell, but if you don’t know how to communicate the value of the product, have a audience and be able to communicate with it then nothing will happen. It doesn’t guarantee anything.

vencer a crise

So this was the first thing that wanted to draw your attention to, this first myth that success and value are always together is not true. Something that exists in plenty in this world is people who are talented but failed. Why? Because they don’t know how to communicate the value and talent they have with their market.

To avoid this myth you need to wipe your brain a little bit, start thinking differently and start thinking about exposing yourself. Woody Allan said that success is 80% exposure and 20% talent. Of course you have to have talent but you need much more exposure.

This is the Myth 1: The value of a product or a person automatically means success. This is a myth that you have to clean your daily practice on the Internet.

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