“I’m independent,” “I am self-sufficient,” “I can fend for myself, I’m an intelligent person,” “after studying some things I can do everything my way,” “I do not need anyone.”

This myth is one of the main ones responsible for the breaking and falling of almost every business in Personal Internet Marketing. Why?

The fact that we do everything alone implies two things:

1st. Nobody is good at everything. So some aspect of your marketing will be poorer. Your chain of value, what you communicate to the market is like a chain and the strength of this chain is only as strong as it’s weekest link. So you have to have high-level text, high level videos, high level graphics if you want to transmit a high-level image, a professional image. For example, you can have a spectacular content, but if you have a weak logo the content doesn’t matter, because the image you are giving is one of an amateur. So this myth of “I’m able to do everything” has this disadvantage: it creates weak links in your chain of value .

2nd. Not Networking. This is another drawback that is even worse and, i think, is even worse than the first. By not asking for collaboration, not joining other professionals like you with alternate skills, who may be better than you at things that you do not do so well, you will fail to do the best thing that exists in our market which is Networking . Namely, building relationships, meeting people, exchanging experiences, creating mutual dependencies. This really is the most valuable thing we have because that is how we evolve, so it’s how our marketing evolves and improves.

Joined Hands

So if you think you can do everything, and might even do everything very well done but it can always be better, it is better to eliminate this myth because it is a major contributor to the breakdown of most online businesses, especially in those that relate to Personal Marketing.

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