The myth that I will talk about in this article is the myth that everything can be found for free on the Internet. This is one of those powerful myths. Probably you think this way, I did too but, in fact, it’s not true.

There are many free things, yes. I imagine what is free on the internet as a glider: you ride in a glider, do not waste gasoline or anything but it takes someone, someone else’s engine to take you up. Normally this “engine” is something you need to buy, some course you have to take or people who need to relate to because you don’t have your own engine yet, and so, you use engines from other people. Such as affiliate programs, as other persons or products, you can even buy and sell other peolple’s products.

This is the external engine.

In any case, you can do it once or twice, buy one thing or another, get the engine that leads you up, and then glide on what’s free on the Internet. You can do it, everybody does it, I do it. I take the most out of free stuff, I “squeeze the cow” as I like to say, but knowing that it lasts a very short life span. Why? Because it doesn’t give you your own engine. After some time the glider falls because it no longer has that power.

Then you need to keep adding energy, you need to create your own engine.

And the engine itself is created in a daily basis, on the basis of studying and learning and daily contact and connection with people who have their own engines.

That’s how we get our own.


This is done only in one way: by spending money. Nothing that is very valuable is free. Imagine, why would someone who has a solution for very large problems many people have put this information on the Internet without charging anything for it? There is no reason for this to happen. Then, this person is completely devalueing their own work, their own effort and the results themselves.

So do not be fooled. Everything  that is free on the internet is useful, yes, but it has a short duration and life period. Quickly you need to join the best and that, truthfully, costs money. You need to continually invest in yourself with time, money, dedication and talent.

So if you think that you can find everything for free on the internet, if you’re one of the supporters of this myth, I think it is a good idea to start thinking differently because what you find on the internet takes you to a certain point and thereafter, it’s freefall. So think twice when you start thinking this way. There are no free lunches. Everything has a price, and the Internet is no different.

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