I’ve seen systems on the internet that say everything is on autopilot, you do not need to do anything, you hit a button and get rich next week, that for, you to succeed, you must have everything on autopilot.

This is the Myth of the Autopilot.

The myth of Autopilot is very powerful because it is a myth that feeds sloth, lack of work, carelessness, lack of relations.

The internet is no different from the real world, the physical world, with regard to the need to build relationships, and there is no way to create close relationships on autopilot.

I like to say that, when we have a huge list of people unknown and anonymous, we can treat them in an automated fashion, but do not have results or money with these people. We have results as these people will toward us: buy some product or join our opportunity or integrate into our project. Then there can be nothing on autopilot, we must treat them in a very personal and very personalized.

So if you think you may have a whole system and get rich on the internet completely on autopilot, speaking of Personal Marketing and Internet Marketing, you better start thinking a little differently.

Because getting results and succeeding on the Internet takes work, compulsorily need you to create relationships with people and relationships are not created, never, on autopilot.


You may start that way, but never finish this way and, to be monetized and generate wealth and value, it takes a very strong personal connection.

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