The myth on which I want to talk about today is the following:

Any Affiliate System is good.

This is not true. Some affiliate systems are better, some worse, some who pay more, some pay less, but this really is not the place to make a value judgment about it. Here is the place to make value judgment about another thing: what products you want to connect with and be connected with.

So, when you are promoting an affiliate system, or someone else’s products through an affiliate system, you should first think, not how much this product pays, but if it works in favor of your reputation.

That is, for the fact of being associated with this product or person or system, if you’re transmiting the message you want to your audience.


For a good part of our reputation comes from what we communicate, and another part comes from people with whom we associate. This law of association is very powerful. I can not say that I am in favor of peace but then spend my time with the warlords and arms dealers and be seen and recognized as being in the coexistence of these people. Then there are things which are incompatible with each other. Of course this is an extreme example but it serves to illustrate this idea.

Not all affiliate systems are good for you and not all products are good for you to promote.  You should choose them with care and caution, as well as the people with whom you relate publicly.

This is a tip that has everything to do with personal marketing and with the growth of your reputation, so think a little less about how much the affiliate pays and think a little more about the image you will project to your audience by being associated with it.

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