We reached the last myth. This myth is very powerful. I do not know if you’ve gone through it, I have. And this myth is summed up in a simple sentence:

“Ah, but people …”

So, if you start sending a message via email through your autoresponder, and you have 3 or 4 people who no longer subscribe, you can focus on those four and say “ah, but people are not receiving my newsletter”, but this way you don’t focus on other 1000 or 2000 or 500 or 200 people who read to your messages and give you much value.


If you hear “oh, but people find it expensive” or “ah, but people do not want” or “oh, but people look for other things” or whatever, these “people” are a mythological figure who, actually, dont’ exist.

What exists is your thread, your audience and what your audience does is what counts, not what other people do, people outside.

I’ve mentioned in other circumstances you will work with people who approach you, and the others who are in the outside are outside and therefore there’s no problem. All people are free. But you need to know that people, and this is the myth, don’t exist.

So this helps to relativize both your successes and your failures.

        People don’t aplaud to you,
                         people do not love you,

                              people do not admire you,

                                      people do not criticize you,

                                    people do not speak badly of you

because these people do not exist.

What exists is your audience, and it’s with this audience you have to identify yourself with and communicate.

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