“The Attitude Virus: fear, negativity and procrastination are contagious and deadly”

As infectious agents, viruses are the most lethal. They have the ability to recombine their DNA with the host cell and turn it into something even more infectious using the genetic information of the healthy cell.

Isolated, the Procrastination Virus is the worst. After vanquishing the fear and negativity, after decisions are made, there is still action. And it is here that this virus operates: generates “excuseitis” in the mind, it suggests expressions with the word “too” (such as “too late”, “too soon”, “I’m too shy”, “I’m too poor”, etc..) that blocks the action and makes you an illusionist. Looks like you’re on the right track but you still haven’t left were you are.

Vaccinate yourself against attitude viruses. Where is the vaccine? In Action.

Move on without having to be absolutely sure if you are going on the right track. You can always correct the path later.

The action puts the wheels in motion to destroy attitude viruses.

Then just keep the gears oiled and free of dust and gravel.

You are finally on the way to achieving your dreams.

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