“If you work on your goals, your goals will work on you.” – Jim Rohn

I never tire of reviewing my notes from seminars with Jim Rohn because I always find a different light each time I read them. He explains how our work builds on things in us and at the same time as the negligence destroys us.

A little carelessness here and there, five years from now you are in a difficult situation and do not know how you arrived there. Blame luck, or lack thereof, crisis, government, friends, family, climate and the priest, you haven’t realized that were your small oversights that brought you misfortune.

Likewise your steps, small, easy but punctual, will transform you into a better, more valuable, more worthy person and therefore more successful.

Imagine a marathon athlete. During practice, you think he considers a 20 meters race a waste of time? Or even two meters? Don’t you think he appreciates every inch traveled, each foot resting on the floor? Or do you think he thinks it’s not worth running 1 Km because “I’m marathon athlete”? I assure you not. He runs 10 m, or 1 meter with commitment and determination and knows why.

Think about your success as a marathon. You can learn all about the history of the race, as the Greeks defeated the Persians 23 centuries ago and as a messenger ran more than 42 kilometers to break the news of the victory to the Greeks to drop dead then. Interesting. You can also evaluate how this event became a symbol of the modern Olympic Games, know by heart all the winners in all marathons in the world, namely the chemical reactions that occur in the athlete’s body for so and so prolonged effort, make a study on the best food, drinks should be consumed and at what intervals.

You become the world’s greatest expert in marathons. But let me tell you: you’ll never bring a medal home.

While you don’t commit yourself to your goal, diligently doing the little things (the right thing at the correct time) you will never succeed in anything.

Consider that everything you do is practice for the future.

You either train for success or failure.

The best part is you do not need to be told what actions will lead to one side or the other, as the athlete knows that if he trains and takes cares of himself he is working on his goal and this work itself, and if he’s spending time drinking beer and watching TV sitting on the couch is neglecting the objective and destroy himself as an athlete

It seems very simple to be successful and you know exactly what to do.

If you do not know, start looking for a “coach” to give you a workout plan that you can perform diligently.

You’ll discover that while you shape your goal, it shapes you.

I conclude with another phrase from Jim Rohn I heard from his own mouth:

 ”Once you have reached your goals you will see that it is unimportant: the most important is the person you’ve become in the process.”

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