“The only real failure is not to be consistent with the best of what we know.” – Buddha

One day you have an intuition that makes you feel good:

“I’ll do “this “!

In the following seconds your reasoning goes: “how will you do it?”, “I don’t have time”, “I have no money”, “no one understands me”, “evryone will laugh at you”, “you have no skills” , “but who do you think you are?”, “you aren’t any more than the others”, “it’s never been done before”, “this is not for you”, “you have no experience,” “if it were that simple others would have done it”,” your family doesn’t support you”….

Most people, most of the time get buried by the objections, forget about it and go back to mediocrity.

But one day, just one day, once. Someone follows that little voice. Even with all the objections, decides to take a chance. Shy at first, then more resolute.

Then suddenly something wonderful happens: the full path of that life was forever altered.

The little voice begins to speak louder and more and more and more goals are achieved, more dreams realized and more lives changed.

Follow your heart, even if only once in your life. You fell an intuition about something as true? Something that you feel you need to accomplish? Be consistent with it and your life will enter a completely new orbit.

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