“Joy is a net of love by which you catch souls.” – Mother Teresa

Most of our moods are optional. Of course we can not avoid the feeling of loss when we lose someone, or sadness or joy or frustration when the occasion is appropriate, but we can choose our most frequent state of mind, regardless of the circumstances.

And, of all the states of mind, one of the best is the joy. It is a carefree state of mind that comes from faith in the future, and it shows someone who is well with himself, with the world, with his history and life project.

It is the state of mind of success in all areas of life.

“So, I need to have joy to have the success that brings me joy? Oh great!”

That’s it. If you think for 30 seconds you will find lots of reasons for you to be happy with the successes we already have. Use them to start your chain reaction. A happy person is an attractive person and an attractive person is a successful person. Businesses work better, people feel very close to that person, the work is productive, life flourishes.

If you make joy your normal state of mind, you will see the miracles that will happen around you!

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