“He who leaves nothing to chance rarely does things the wrong way, but does little else.” – George Halifax

There is a certain art in emotional abandonment, even more than in unnemployment. It’s a combination of faith and self-discipline that allows you to deliver hands chance of something which is vital to you. You have to so that your seed produces its fruit.

You study for the exam, you give your best, handed your paper and are are forced to
unnemployment because from now your future is in the hands of another person.

You take care of the children, they grow and at some point you have to let them go to roam their ways, with such inner discipline that you lets you give up control and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

You work a lot in that company, now you got fired. You have to leat go of the salary, the sense of security, the friends, the routine. Let them go, one new reality and a new way now await around the corner.

In many circumstances, such as those described above, you are required to fit the reality of letting go and change your way of life.

Your opinion doesn’t matter, something pushed you into a new reality and you have two options: embrace it or fight it.

I tell you, can fight it, but you’re trying to stop the train fullheaded. The train will beat you with great advantage.

But there are also occasions, and are the most,  you can give yourself a propose a goal or to dream a dream.

At such times you have the opportunity to do for yourself or leave to chance as choices. My mother-in-law does not say “leave to chance,”  she says “put in the hands of St. Anthony” is also often “left in the hands of God,” or letting “are the cosmic forces of the universe” to take care of it.

In any case, no matter what you call it, the fact is: do your best, and you choose a particular time, rather than continue to fight for your goal, drop everything and let it happen.

This is the wisdom of the “order” of devotion to the saints, “I order this matter to Our Lady.” Do not think that the people are ignorant or superstitious. Little rituals that you despise are full of intention and wisdom … and they work.

The moment you let go of the power to execute, plan, and actively find solutions and you settle to listen, tune your senses in a single frequency that will guide you even further than you could have imagined.

Try to create a small object in your mind. For example to get this month earn 150 € extra, or have some violin lessons, or even having an output with a beautiful girl or a man or else fantastic publish your poetry hidden in the drawer. No matter what it is, since it’s something you want to do for some time now and you’re in love. Write it on paper.

 Have you written yet? No? Then don’t advances into the reading unless you have done it. Done?

Great. Let’s move on.

Now close your eyes and you see yourself in the situation where your goal is achieved. Enjoy, feel the joy and gratitude for having acomplished this dream. Visualize, feel, hear the little voice that tries to convince you that this is all bosh? Very good, leave it alone and enjoying the rest.

After you finish this little exercise you will do your chores. Do not worry about finding solutions, or ways, nor to seek someone to help you. Just do not do anything, let it happen. Stay connected to your visualization however, in the background, in your mind, and keep yourself happy and grateful.

Chance, or the Universe, or San Antonio or Our Lady of Fatima are at work.

You do not need to know what they are doing, you don’t care and doesn’t concern you.

What matters is that you will come a time when it will be asked for your collaboration. This task will be presented to you and you’ll know perfectly well that it’s something that has to do with your dream even if you can’t just suddenly see a connection.

For example, earning € 150 more this month is your goal, and you feel that it is important to go wish a happy birthday to a sick neighbor. You don’t have to go because you don’t see any relationship, but if you’re not there you won’t cross paths with his son who came out and who is in the same business or who has a proposal for you, or who would present you with an opportunity, or you woun’t catch a cold that would oblige you to stay at home and read a book or find a major site, or anything else. You have to follow this intuition, if you want your dream, without judgment and without second opinions.

When you throw a deliberate intention, let it go.

She will return when she needs your collaboration. By then act quickly without reservations.

The Universe likes speed, Chance enjoys action.

After you have executed your role, let things happen again, let them go again, let them go.

St. Anthony will continue to do his job, and Our Lady of Fatima to intercede for your miracle.

When the time is ripe and all the pieces are in place you’ll be presented to the result. Your dream will be in your power, not only in your power but at a distance of a stretched arm.

All that’s missing is your last action: reach out and reap the rewards.

At this time, many people go away and leave the fruit to rot on the tree, simply because it seems too good to be true, or because they are not willing to make the lifestyle changes necessary to accommodate the new reality. Make sure that you are not in one of these groups that throw everything away because they can not embrace and accept something so positive that they even may think they don’t deserve it.

You deserve it, you deserve this and much more and there is such abundance reserved for you that you can’t even cover in your wildest dreams.

You just need to follow the rules of the game. Now visualize it passionately, then hang up and you let yourself go. Shortly after you act enthusiastically to then let the process go its way without you.

This breath is essential but requires of you a mixture of faith and discipline that many people neither have nor are interested in getting, but some other make this game their way of life and everything seems easy for them, and apparently things fall on their lap effortlessly.

And this will be your case. One in a thousand.

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