“I think, therefore I give up.” – Anonymous

We are taught to think that everything that”is rational” is good, either that or “scientifically proven”.

When you are faced with the need to make a vital decision for your life what do people say to you?

 ”Think about it”, “weight thigs out”, “evaluate the pros and cons”, etc..

You use and abuse of the left half of your brain, you’ve been trained to think, analyze, synthesize, and you’re convinced that this is what is good.

Your mistaken …

What they don’t tell you is that your best decisions have direct influence, and sometimes unknown, of the right side of your brain, one that uses the emotion, the intuition, the 6th sense.

The right side has the power to see farther and communicates with you through emotion, just as the left half does using language.

What I want to say with today’s post is that when you encounter an opportunity to do something very bold and constructive for your future, your emotion should guide you at least as much as your reason.

You feel a deep burning desire, a sense of congruence, it seems that the pieces fit together.

You get excitement and joy.

All these are manifestations from your right side, from the emotion saying to you “go ahead”.

Your vision is what inspires you and your creativity will not let the difficulties get the best of you.

However if, after experimenting the excitement of the idea and the emotion and desire burning you, you start to “weigh”, to “think well” to “rationalize”, you will find that others will laugh at you, or that you’re no more than others or, which is even better, because you can’t risk the little or a lot that you already achieved. This is reasoning and will keep you stuck and tied down.

Don’t think too much.

It’s not with a lot of think that you will make fewer mistakes, in fact, often your intuition is closer to reality than your assessment.

Have you ever heard, “follow your heart”? That’s what it is. Your right half makes you see the destination and gives you the emotional fuel, but does not get you there. You need the rational half that gathers resources for the trip, looks for the best ways, draws maps, establishes milestones, reviews progress, corrects strategies.

When you manage to become “one”, unified, integral, you will enter in the group of miracle workers.

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