“Change means movement. Movement means friction. Better get yourself accustomed.” – Paulo Coelho

When you create routines in actions and thoughts do you establish the boundaries of your comfort zone.

“I do not like broccoli”, “20 kilometers is too far”, “I’m a smoker”, “I like foods with fats”, “I can’t work 8 hours a day”, “if I work 12 hours I am extremely tired” , “I’m not able to do that”, “I always did it this way, so this is what I’ll do”, “I’m always the same”, “no way”, “1000 euros is a good yield,” “I have hypertension but this is normal, “” and who is not required to hold a boss? “,” I am no more than the others, “” all do well “,” what would they think of me? “” had to be beautiful! “,” Me? Talk to Strangers “,” I do not like people, “” I can not speak in public. “

All these expressions, and many more that you, in your infinite imagination can formulate, are fulfilling a role in your life: you are transmitting security.

It’s like the rules of a game.

You know what to expect and people around you know what they may (or may not) expect from you.

They establish a comfortable area for yourself and for those who live with you.

– “Running 10 miles! António! Not believe it!”

– “She argued with the boss? Because of overtime? Maria? Gotta be
wrong! “

– “Bought a new house? Who? Manel? NAAA!”

– “Magdalene got married? Now after she’s old? Go fool someone else.”

– “It’s so not like Chico to go to church!”

– “Look at Grace! Now she doesn’t set a foot in church!”

– “Joaquim set up a business? How is it possible?”

– “Isabel earns lots of money? Her? Are you kidding me.”

– “Look! Joao now decided to be a writer!”

– “You do not want to see this! Lourdes decided to paint her hair.”

You’ve said or thought about these things in relation to people you know well or someone has said to you before? If not, it means that nothing interesting is happening in your life and in the lives of those around you.

Change means getting out of your comfort zone and, almost always, this output causes friction.

Who is conformed and comfortable doesn’t want others to succeed and move because it will remind them of what they themselves do not have the guts to do.

Therefore it is said: “Misery loves company.”

Now … you are the one who has see whether or not you cause friction. If you don’t, perhaps’re you’re not giving your best in your process of life change, or perhaps the change is so natural in your way of life that nobody finds it strange. I do not know if this is your case, but it is undoubtedly mine.

That’s why I know change s well. I change my mind often, I learn a lot every day, I am constantly in the process of reading at least 3 books, I have daily contact with my mentors. One day I painted my hair fluorescent orange. Lasted two weeks because my mother was shocked and asked me to take off that color. Today I am a musician, tomorrow a writer, after that an athlete. I eat traditional food as well as raw fish and one of these days I’ll start to be a farmer and bury my bare feet on the earth that was just digged. I do not accept that my need for predictability creates limitations for me and takes my freedom.

If you create a culture of change, you’ll get used to the friction and they stop bothering you.

They are like a background noise that you no longer hear, because it’s so permanent.

And the change will expand your comfort zone and your mind.

With this expansion you will have a unique understanding of the world and indeed stop having limits to what you know you can accomplish.

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