A part time can put a few bucks in your pocket or can make you rich.

If you are a student and your goal is to win a few bucks to help pay for your studies or to have your own money to party, or you already have a job, but it’s not enough to pay the bills, or, you have no job and anything will do to earn some money, any part time labor is interesting: little brain, a lot of activity and little money.

At this level is a part time at McDonalds, or at a bar or restaurant, cleaning, running errands, temporary work. You learn quickly what to do, how, and what is asked of you is execution. It will never serve as a “career ” or as “a means of creating wealth”, it’s something to get by. Important, sometimes vital, for an urgent situation.

The urgent, however, can not stop you from doing what is important.

You can also have a different understanding of what is a part time.

It can be a form of acumulating money for your future. Here, although the previous work may be of temporary help , you need something more like a profession. You should find a part time with a company that could use your knowledge. For example, it may even be something that has to do with your career choice: marketing , secretarial, accounting, plumbing, carpentry, design , etc.

You’ll be using your part-time as a way to integrate yourself in the labor market, an area near that which you intend to have as a profession. This is more interesting than the first , because besides the extra money it gives you work important experience. Finally you can also understand that a part time can be your way to get rich .

A great friend and mentor named Jim Rohn once said to me that I could work at my job to pay the bills and my part-time to get rich . At the time it did not seem to make much sense, but after a few years I realized that that really is it.

Nobody earns big money with a job. Some do, but it’s not something that is within anyone’s reach. That’s why I found so appealing to work from home, part time at which the actual working model gave me the possibility to create a consistent income, permanent and automatic, as have those who receive interest or copyright, the famous, residual .

Of course this is a free part time. No one is responsible for you, so you don’t have to answer to anyone. It’s called Network Marketing and has the potential to put anyone in the elite of those who are masters of their nose.


Rui Gabriel

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