Paula Gomes is a nurse at the Hospital of Cascais. I met her in person in the live internet marketing event we both participated in.

Paula knew nothing about the Internet, but brilliantly compensated the lack of marketing skills with an unwavering commitment to the dream of freedom and life change.

Today is a very happy day for me personally. Congratulations Paula! We are just starting!

paula gomes 1500

When I found out that I had just earned $1.500 in 24 hours I was paralized. Only after a few hour had I truely realized what had happened.

It’s an indescribable FEELING to earn $1.500 in one day.

It gives us the CONFIDANCE necessary to change our attitude completly… because it’s the proof that, it turns out, WE CAN REALLY DO IT!

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* The incomes indicated in this article are not typical, because we are not “typical” people. View average income here.

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