“Do not wait for leaders to change the world. Makes you what you have to do for yourself, one person at a time!” – Mother Teresa

“When I was a teenager had the naive idea that could change the world.

Over the years, as family, work and money (or lack of it) took care of my concerns, I began to understand that not only can not change the world as it is something that no longer interest me: it’s simply not possible.

We live in a dog-world were we struggle for survival, power or influence runs virtually in every aspect of life and I do nothing more nor less than 95% of the population: work to survive and dreams are thrown in the drawer.

You can daydream all you want but that does not put bread on the table. “

This conversation sounds familiar to you? Right. It was true for me for many years and may still be true for you as well as the remains to be for almost everyone.

The interesting thing is that it isn’t about facts, only opinions that were contaminating your mind, mind virus, “memes“.

If you notice not one of those statements refers to a fact.

Therefore, everything can be changed with a change in your mindset.

Is it possible to realize your dream of adolescence and change the world? Yes, one person at a time, starting with yourself.

I recommend the awesome movie, “Pay It Forward”. I won’t give the link because you should start getting yourself out of your comfort zone and go after what you need. Find and watch this movie. Where? Find out for yourself.

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