“The money we have is the instrument of liberty, the money we chse is the instrument of servitude.” – Jean Jacques Rousseau

You have certainty heard that all change begins with gratitude.

When I tell you that, no matter what situation you find yourself in, you have a lot to be thankfull for, don’t look at me sideways because it’s the truth.

But it gets even more serious if you’re thinking about money. You think you’re free? You might be, but I think most people are not. They are slaves. I at least know I am, yet.

When scarcity drives your life you have an owner: shortage.
When abundance is who’s at the helm, you’re free.

This is the freedom it gives you clarity of mind, it makes your gratitude bloom and transforms it into generosity.

You can help who you want, you can dedicate yourself to what you see fit, for as long as you want. That is freedom!

But now you ask: I wanted that! To be free! To have money for all this! But how can I be free with unpaid bills? With debts, with scarcity?

I think that, in the situation where you find yourself right now, you can be thankfull. Your release starts there. It’s like this with all aspects of your life, but, talking about money, be thankfull with all your heart for what you already have, because that is the instrument of your liberation. Make sure that you respect it, and you thank it and that you make it the instrument of your freedom.

Is there a price to pay for your freedom? Yes, there is. And there’s a price to pay for being a slave also, yes.

You have to choose what you want, and pay the corresponding price.

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