You can be the greatest genius in the world, but without personal marketing, you are worth, to the market, as much as the biggest idiot on the planet.

Have you ever had the feeling that “I am worth much more than i earn” or “people don’t recognize my value”? In this article you will learn how to “rub” in the face of the world that you have value and that others, if they want you, will have to pay dearly!

When you have a daily practice of learning, you begin to accumulate an impressive amount of knowledge to add value to your person. It is the beginning of your personal marketing.

But you need to know how to communicate this value, become “available for use” in the market. If you were a commodity (and you are) we would say that the value of communication is both advertising and your distribution as a product. If a product is incredibly good but not accessible for people to buy it has no market value.

Marketing Pessoal Comunicar Valor

In your personal marketing communication of your value needs two assumptions:

1 – Channels.

Until a decade ago, only large companies could hold mass media. Radio, television, newspapers and magazines. Millions and millions of dollars and thousands of people involved.

Today an individual person, for almost no cost and without skills may well have as many TV channels he/she wants (Youtube), newspapers, journals, (blogs, I have for example,, the or manage social networks like Facebook, and network with anyone instantly, using the Linked-in, for example.

Some some say “There is a crisis” and there is, but it’s fantastic because it is synonymous with change. Today you can do Personal Marketing like companies did before corporate marketing. In your Personal Marketing you can communicate with your audience, and more than that you can engage your audience in ways impossible a few years ago.

2 – Contents.

Now comes the question that complicates the careers of many Internet Marketers and other professionals. What do I say?

a) Firstly you need to know your audience. Watch this video about it.

b) Then you need to create habits of content production. The greater the variety of media and greater dissemination (“syndication”) the more impact on the market and the greater your influence.

Remember: Best Personal Marketing = Increased Influence = More Success.

Let’s talk about the content. Personally, in the last four years I published more than 1000 articles in various locations, some mine, some other people’s, made more than 200 videos, audios and presentations online and offline, hundreds of power points and countless meetings and hours of training online, live.

I’ll explain to you how I produce so much quality material (in my opinion of course).

Let us start with what most contributed to my Personal Marketing: The method I use to publish two articles per day. If you find it useful, you can copy the idea.

1st Make a decision to publish on a daily basis, even if it is a “good night.” Never, never go to sleep without having published something. You’ll see that inspiration is like hunger: it comes when you begin to eat.

2nd Have a subject. You need to be aware of your surroundings and have an opinion about things. I always have a notebook with me to take notes where I take notes of everything. All the ideas, opinions. At the end of the day there will be a huge amount of things to say.

3rd Read. Everyday. There is a part of your day that must be devoted to the study, learning, reading. Contact with mentors, with your influences. Take notes in your notebook. To get valuable content in your personal marketing, you have to acquire it first.

4th One of the best ways to learn how to write is to read. However, our writting as Internet marketers is not literature. Our writing is a functional writing: it has a marketing purpose. So it’s not bad to learn some techniques in Magnetic Writing leading the reader to connect with you at a mental level and also emotional and of course that will lead to action: subscribe, buy, click, etc..

5th Write every day. Keep several articles in the “draft”. You do not have to begin and end every article in one sitting. When it comes time to publish, you can write an article from start to finish, or you can choose one of the drafts and finish it in a couple of sittings.

It takes great discipline? An enormous willpower? No. It takes only habit. The more times you do this the easier it becomes.

Then one day, you do something like I did with Mundo Secreto: doing a compilation of everything you have produced and you’ll be amazed at the amount of material!

With Personal Marketing, you value yourself and communicate that value to the market, you are on the right track. Only you lack “Monetizing”, in other words, turning all this into cash.

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