In terms of Personal Marketing, monetizing, means “turn something intangible into cash” which means “turn your ideas, knowledge and reputation in cash.”

It is here that we distinguish the “amateurs” from the professionals: someone who gives value to the market and do not earn money from it has a hobby. It’s great to have a hobby as long as it’s not expected to make money with it, because the hobbies usually do not give money: they cost money.

In this article you will learn how to create a treadmill of notes in your direction, bringing money every day.


The first test I did to my Personal Marketing happened in difficult circumstances. A financial squeeze of a few thousand euros with no solution in sight.

I had a small contact list, created from the capture pages of the Magnet System, and knew little about monetization.

The fact is that I put everything to the test,  everything I had learned of Personal Marketing for almost a year and decided to play all the cards in launching a course in Network Marketing on the Internet and in which I put the most expensive price ever placed a product for sale in our market until that date: 567 €.

Full of fear because there was so much at stake, I worked like crazy in marketing and on the launching day …. made 2665 euros. A little over 5000 euros during the next week. I solved my financial problem and found that what I thought I knew about Personal Marketing finally corresponded with reality.

I felt as if I had opened Pandora’s Box, I felt invincible, as if I owned the Philosopher’s Stone or the Elixir of Long Life, I had disclosed a secret:

How to Make Money on the Internet thanks to the Personal Marketing.


It takes Personal Marketing to make money online? Definitely not, but my experience tells me that, with the same list and the same work with it, you can triple the results if you add a good Personal Marketing to your equation.

Okay, I imagine what you’re thinking – how do I make money then?

Once you’re valued in some way, and you’ve a structure of communication with your audience, you need two things:

A technological infrastructure (“Hardware”) and marketing ( products to sell and a promotional system: “Software”)

Let’s start with “products to sell.” Obviously you can have books on paper or bike, should you want to have a logistical nightmare, or you can “bundle” your value in a digital format. Write ebooks and newletters, record videos and audios … all in digital format, without costs of production or delivery. Perfect.

As a structure (“hardware”) you need to have a server to store what you have to sell and provide a link to download or for viewing after purchase.

You also need to have a system for receiving money, for example Paypal or some other and integrate it with your system to send the access link. Many online stores have wordpress in this type of integration.

If now suddenly you thought “ah ah, I can never make money online! It’s all so complicated.” Relax.

If you have not done any product for you, you can always pay someone else to write you an ebook or a newsletter … of course you need to have the structure of sale and delivery mounted.

But even better, you can use the other people’s systems, who make the products and the delivery address, payments, receipts, servers and all you do is receive your commissions. I know, getting 50% of something is not the same as receiving 100%, but right now there is a system that handles everything for you and you win 100%. It is truly your own business without having to worry about servers, payments, receipts, warranties, returns, servers …. nor producing your own products yourself.

Thus, forget everything that has to do with “technology” with “products” and “deliveries and receipts”, you can focus on what is our subject here: The Personal Marketing.

If you have a system like Empower Network that addresses the entire structure, including the products and only leaves the fun part for you to do, then your Personal Marketing boils down to two very simple things:

1 – Blogging as much as you can: give content.

2 – Make Marketing:

a) Promote your blog and the capture contact system of Empower Network (English only), or Lazy Millionaires (in Portuguese and English) so you can build a list of qualified contacts (provided by the system)

b) Make email-marketing with your list towards closing sales (taught in courses and trainings in the system).

Now, cover your ears because you’ll hear me say a few SWEAR WORDS!!

As I told you above, I dedicated a year to learn personal marketing, writing blogs, creating a list before winning even 100 €.

With this story of the Empower Network, suddenly I started earning over $1000 a week on average and had days (24 hours) were I earn more than $1000. Without even doing a hundredth of the work!

AND EVEN WORSE! A friend of mine, Filipe Vala, didn’t even know what a blog was until very recently he won almost $ 1000 online, using the Empower Network.

No need to have your own products, or payment systems, delivery, warranties, returns, NOTHING! IT’S SCANDALOUS!

# $ @ # &%!


You can uncover your ears ….

Well, if we have a system that deals with what is boring and complicated, and our focus is on Marketing and Personal Marketing in particular, we can make a fortune if we have attention to the market, their interests, the way you add value every day.

Do it in the articles you write and the ads you do, do it even in a follow up emails you write: put yourself, all of you, in all you do. You begin to see the magic happen and begin to multiply your results, without actually having to multiply your efforts.

Learn Personal Marketing  Here.
Enjoy Empower Network here.

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