This may be an inconvenient truth for your Personal Marketing but “You earn what you deserve“! Incidentally, we all win what we deserve.

You’ll see in this article how to increase your value with Personal Marketing and consequently create conditions to earn more money … without having to actually work harder.

One day I heard Jim Rohn say in a live event that the value we feel we have rarely corresponds with the value we in fact have . A person who earns 1000 has a market value greater than one who earns less than 500 and a third person who earns 2000.
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Personal Marketing is not concerned with the value of each one as a person. In this field we all have the same value.

Also do not speak here of skills or talent (something not lacking in the world are talented people and failed people). It was never the skills that brought money to anyone.

What brings you money is the value you have, the communication of that value and how you monetize that value (convert it into cash). Personal Marketing is your brand.

First things first: How to Create Personal Marketing adding value to yourself.

There are 3 ways to do this and you need to use them all:

1 – Personal Marketing: The Study.

Every day work on yourself. Read books, listen to audios, watch videos that deal with the matters in which you want to have Recognition, Appreciation and Cash. Take 20% of your time for it and do it daily. You’ll greatly increase your understanding of things, and you’ll put yourself in a position far ahead of everyone.

2 – Personal Marketing: The Execution

Execute what you learn in a productive and focused way. Devote 80% of your time on it. It is here that you will make money, this is where you will make a difference in the market. Remember I wrote above that skills have never given money to anyone? True, if you don’t add massive action to your skills. Do, do, do.

3 – Personal Marketing: The Modelling

Ever happened to you knowing how to do something (have studied) but then not being able do to it (put it into practice)? Sometimes you studied lots of things, but then you stay lost not knowing what to do first, can not even prioritize because you lack experience. This is where modeling comes in: the observation of a model, being around people who are better than you, who have already done what you want to do or know by experience all the tricks. They’re “mentors”, “tutors” and can be a team of people or only one.

The fact is that you can never see yourself further than your own height so confront yourself daily with mentors who challenge you.

This is something I appreciate a lot because I see the tremendous results it produces: I’m with my mentors every day and give mentoring to those who work with me.

Never neglect the value that you will gain by following these simple practices. The fact that you add value yourself through knowledge, through practice and modeling, will put your marketing on a personal level several levels above those who think “it’s too much work” or it’s “a waste of time”.

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