At Empower Network, in the first couple of days created a short list of 270 contacts,  from those contacts  52 people signed up and earned more than $ 4,000. By statistics indicated by Aaron Ruskin, with that number of contacts, only 18 would have enrolled.

1 in 5 contacts Enrolled rather than 1 in 15: triple the results to be expected. You know why? Two words: Personal Marketing.

You’ll learn how to multiply your results by 2, 3 or more times with the same effort that you already have now.

You need to know the following:

Everything you do is Personal Marketing. Leave your mark.

The fact is that you see people working, doing the same things you do but  you do not have the same result. Incidentally, the results are all different. Why?

Because everyone’s personal marketing is different. Some people don’t even know they havePersonal Marketing (!) How could they know what to do with it. Maybe you do not even know, but you’re always doing Personal Marketing.

Personal Marketing on Social Networks

Whenever you create a point of interaction with someone, you’re doing your Personal Marketing. In this article I am doing mine, of course. Everything you say to someone, everything you do online, all the “likes” and comments, all the “+1″ and twittes are points of interaction with someone. All the invites that you do (to play an online game, to join a group, to install an application to fill out a form) and all you accept are part of your Personal Marketing because they say a lot about you.

When someone tags you in a photo on Facebook, you’re immediately linked with that person and with that event. What is annoying is that many people do spam with it, because they want to take advantage of your reputation, identify you in photos of their business hoping to attract people with that of your relationships.

Apart from that fact that is illegitimate, you have to pay attention to these things (and report as spam, of course) and dispose of your social profiles everything that is not you, and put only what serves your purpose: to provoke a positive interaction  with your audience.

Whenever we do something we are creating an image about ourselves. This is one of the most powerful tools of Personal Marketing.

You understand that everything we put out there says something about us, right? So that person who is interested in your business, in your product or work with you … creates an idea about you according to what you put on the internet or what other people put out there for you.

Marketing Pessoal

Like all brands, you have a certain value in the market in which you act upon. You know what you’re worth? You know how to increase this value?

Of course, when you have a solid reputation, the people who see you, hear or read tend to believe more in you. As a result, buy more easily what you recommend and you win more money.

Sounds simple … and it is. Do not forget, though, that your product or recommendations of individuals or companies, are in themselves actions of Personal Marketing and solidify your position in the market or undermines it.

For this reason, when I started the Empower Network I had a successful above average right away. I got to the top 2 worldwide recruitment in just 7 days and earned a small fortune.

I always give this advice to anyone who asks me how to improve their results: “We should not deceive: Enhance your personal marketing by gaining more value, communicating that value and better monetizing that value.”

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