“You want to know a man? Give him a great power.” – Pittaco

In a seminar called “training of millionaires” I heard the speaker say that money does not make you better or worse than what you already are,  it just amplifies.

If, with no money, you’re jealous, tyrannical, selfish, disrespectful, with money you will be all that and much more. On the other hand if you are generous with what you have, a friend, a collaborator, understanding, then when you have lots of money you will be all that and more.

Have you heard that “money can not bring happiness”?

Or that “it is better to be poor because the rich are thieves“?

Or “poor but honest”?


A person can be happy or unhappy with or without money,

thief or honest with or without money.

On the other hand when we say those phrases about how much better it is to be poor than to be rich, we are doing nothing more than finding an justification for the fact that we are not doing our best to reach our maximum potential.

This happens not only with money.

W e speak ill of successful people in general due to a mixture of envy and self-awareness that we could be in the position that person is, but we were too lazy to work the extra hours, seek the right mentors, have the humility to learn, and develop persistence and determination.

Of course it is easier to criticize and self-justify.

I will conclude with another tip of the same speaker:

“Before wanting to be rich make yourelf a good person because you will attract people who are like you and you want to surround yourself with good people always.”

The same goes for power, even at the scale of co-workers, your group of friends or your family.

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