“Success requires first that you apply 10 effort units for 1 results unit . Momentum will produce The 10 results units for each unit of effort.” – Charles J. Givens

Ever happened to you pass through a period of great success when things seemed to fall in you lap? Every day you had more good news and moved forward so quickly that it seemed a miracle?

This is “momentum”, the action of the accumulated work that reaches critical mass and explodes, scattering results.

Physicists express the momentum with “P = mv” (MOMENTUM = mass x velocity) for expressing exactly the same concept.

What the hell has physics to do with personal development? Everything. Let me explain:

There are two people who have two jobs (or business) and progress at the same speed. The same growth, turnover, profit, etc.. However one has information and expertise that the other does not, for example, know how to manage your time well, knows the competition or is a good money manager. After some time, both continuing to make the same effort the entrepreneur begins to feel better prepared to take the business itself, it is multiplying almost alone, while the other continues to strive to achieve the same results ever .

What is the difference between these two people? Who caused the “momentum” was better prepared, had more mass, and it was this that led to a chain reaction that exploded his business. So often you see a person having a huge success: created the critical amount of mass and velocity, and others, working as much or more and not have any success.

There is a relationship between mass and speed to reach momentum that interests you: if you have little mass you need a lot of a high speed, if you have a lot of mass you need much less speed.

So now you know what to do: advance faster and gain more skills and your momentum will arise.

Then you have to have one thing in mind: to recognize it when it happens.

The worst thing that can happen is you kill it at birth by ignorance. If not recognizing you’ll reduce your speed thinking you have reached your goal and it ends with him instantly. That’s how I’ve ruined one or two. No! If you start to feel it happen, give it more fuel, more work and enthusiasm, and more preparation: more “speed” and more “mass”, because that way it will generate another and another and never stops.

When you live daily in “momentum”, besides being an indescribable feeling, you can realize all your dreams, and others.

I like to call “The Success Formula”: P=mv.

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