“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you going to miss one, let it be strategy.” – Norman Schwarzkopf

There are complex dynamics in relationships between people and leaders are all on one side and the other followers.

Our leadership is exercised in relation to some people and certain subjects.

For example, you can be a leader with regard to sport and a follower in regard to business.

  •     In the first case you are regarded as one who is skilled in the art, and the people around you follow your opinions and actions.
  •     In the second case you want to learn and you get close to someone you know to be successful in this area and with which you identify. You follow their opinions, advice and ways of doing, you cook things very well, you add some powders and you’ll improve your revenue.

If you succeed in any area you will be a leader in this area in relation to people who want to develop the necessary skills and have the same results as you in this field.

That said, we are all potentially leading to something from the moment we begin to share our success with someone.

Understood in this way, leadership is not about “power” but “service and to manifest in the form of “service” is necessary that you, the leader, you have a strong character, determined, and at the same time gentle and generous.

If your leadership style is dictated by your ego, you will have a “power-driven” leadership.Everyone serves you and you are committed to keeping your followers under your dependency as to continue to have servants.

If your leadership style dictated by your character, you have a leadershp guided by “service.” And your goal is to create more leaders, not more followers. You’ll focus on enriching your followers to turn them into leaders so they can, in turn, lead to develop others.

It is very easy to notice if a leader is driven by power or by service.

If he requires you to do something he himself did not do or is more worried about your results than about you, you can go look for another one because this will squeeze you and never let you grow or develop your potential.

On the other hand if he gives the example, listens to your opinions and encourages you to
take risks, if you verify that he asks you how you are, gives you encouragement and new
clues when things do not go well, then you have wagered a leader that serves you in extracting maximum from yourself, to make you a leader bigger and better than himself.

Hold on to him because you have someone very rare and valuable with whom you will get further than you think.

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