“If you add actions to your dreams, every time you dream you are predicting the future.”

When you enter a dark room, you automatically feel for the light switch and turn on the light. You do not need to take a motivational course, or study high performance techniques and strategies, or have a coach to guide you. You don’t need to tap into your metaphysical mental powers, or even believe in yourself. You just press the button and turn on the light.

Exactly the same thing happens with your dreams. You have your dream, you act on it and the light turns on, period.

Dreams and action. With this method, I discovered a way to predict my future that is much more efficient than astrology, tarot cards, palm readers, or prophecies.

If you are thinking, “But I don´t have any dreams.” think again. Everyone has dreams. If you claim you do not have any that is because you have lost them somewhere along the way. Go after them. Right now is not too late, but it is not to soon either.

Find your dreams, dust them off and act on them. Predict and build your future today.


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