“Don’t pressure the coward to much or he’ll turn brave.” – Arab proverb

In certain circumstances, we all have an incredible ability to do things.

I do not know where the energy comes from, nor the talent, but when you wake up that anger inside explodes in all directions and you do things you’d never think could do.

Jim Rohn Account (+2009) that one day, he was at home, broke. Then came some
girls, Girl Scouts, to sell cookies for two dollars each box. He would’ve loved to buy cookies, but I didn’t have two dollars, so he decided to lie saying he would love to buy cookies, but he still had many in house he had bought before from the other scouts. The girls thanked him and left. Jim Rohn was so shaken by the sudden awareness of the financial failure that was his life (“he had to lie to the scouts!”) that he made the decision to always have money for anything he wanted. Became millionaire and master of millionaires.

Sometimes the pressure on you is so great, your life is so far from what you had imagined, the demands around you are so overwhelming that you
don’t have the minimum conditions to satisfy them.

When this happens, happened to me, you have two choices:

you stay crushed, defeated and humiliated, or you gain that inner rage that makes you jump out of the mud and promise yourself to change your life.

We are in a time of change.

Many people promise themselves a change of life, and some will succeed. Those that succeed are those that now gain the energy that comes from the accumulated pressure. This pressure can crush you but also can give you the energy you to do one revolution in your life and manage all your desires.

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