Your “evaluation system” is a guide to amazing life.

Always compare both with one another and determine which one is more important. From that comes a decision, from the decision comes action and from action comes result.

In short: Your results come from your “evaluation system”.

This video is directed at Lazy Millionaires only. In case you’re still not a Lazy Millionaire and the video makes no sense to you, you can ask for more information about Lazy Millionaires in

This video will “tune” your “evaluation system” as a Lazy Millionaire to Financial Freedom (and not only) as a life goal.

Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel. You’re watching this video because you’re my affiliate in Empower Network and you’re a Lazy Millionaire just like me.

Today I want to speak to you a bit about priorities because it’s very easy for us to spend a lot of time and energy on things that aren’t that important.

I’ve learned a lot of things since I got in Empower Network and the Lazy Millionaires, and one of the things I learned is that we can focus our enerey on important things and that brings extraordinary results. And if we unfocus our energy into a lot of things, even if they’re important it doesn’t produce such an interesting result. And even worse is if we focus our energy on things that don’t matter then nothing happens, right? So today I want to talk about priorities because some things are more important than others.

Priorities have to do with cycles. For example, if I’m hungry because I haven’t eaten in a couple of hours maybe my priority is to eat. So it’s got to do with a cycle. If I don’t breath my priority becomes to breath, which also has to do with a certain cycle. There are cycles for everything in life, everything is done in cycles, and out business also has cycles. What is very important today, might not be so important tomorow. I’ll give you an example, right now I’m with my family on holidays for over 2 months and that’s a priority for me. Why? Because I hadn’t had a holiday in 5 or 6 years, so it became a priority for me to spend time with my family and have fun with them. So, as a priority, it comes before other things that are also important. In moments when I need to be super productive because I have certain goals like earning a certain amount that month, which happens all the time, that becomes my priority. So I focus all my energy on that and the rest becomes secundary. That’s the way things work and it makes sence. Right now you have your own business and your own personal circles but, if your personal circles and your personal priorities match the cycle of development of the group, then everything you do gains a much bigger dimension. Imagine you want to do an event, you get the people you know together online and maybe you’ll have an event with 10 people or 20 or 30 or even 40 if you’re a genious out of nowere. But if you take advantage of the dynamics of the group and the entire group is living the moment of preparing an event, you can have 50, 60 or 100 people there. Because you’re taking advantage of the dynamics of the team. So that’s what priorities are like. For your business to grow well and healthy, my advice is for you to take maximum advantage of the business cycles of the group. Why? To get your balance, catch the wave. So with a lot less effort you get much more results and that’s why it’s so interesting to work as a team.

And right now we are living a very special moment, very soon we’re going to have our Lifextreme event. Which for us is an independent Lazy Millionaire event, it’s an event about Empower Network and we’re going to have the presence of Aaron Rashkin who is top 10 in Empower Network, he’s one of the Daves’ confidants to whom they listen to very carefuly and with whom I’ve had the privilage of being with in many occasions in the United States. He’s an incredible person and he’s coming here to be with us, to share some days with us in the Lifextreme event. So you can’t imagine what’s going to happen at that event because it’s the first time we have a outside guest, and a good one at that, he’s known all over the world and besides that, us as entrepeneurs, as time goes by we’ve been making the events better. We started December 1st 2012, then we did one in March, then one in May, one in July and one now and every time it’s getting better. The last one we didi before the one that’s coming now was something unforgetable. It waas 3 days of incredible event, they are marked in my life in a very deep way, clarified my ideas in a huge amount of things and even marked my business between before the event and after. And now we are about to live an event like that again. It’s not going to be the same as the last one because they’re all completly different, even the structure of the event is different, so even if you were on the last one you can come to this one and be sure that it’s going to have nothing to do with the last one. We have a lot of new people, there are hundreds of people who got in in the mean time, we have a very special guest and the very organization and structure of the event and the things that are going to happen are very different, of course always better.

So this is a challange that I give you. Right now, priority number 1, for me, is the Lifextreme event. It’s more important than anything that’s happening in my business. Everything I have in automated format, generating leads, the email for my list, writing my blog, so the daily work I go through it very quickly the best I can, but my energy and my time and attention is in the next event. That’s why I’m doing this video, to communicate to you what my priority is.

And I want to tell you what’s going to happen because I have an idea of what’s going to happen: After Lifextreme a new era is going to begin in my business. If you notice, Lifextreme almost coincides with the lauching of the new Empower Network platform. This new platform is going to make a whole new Empower Network in terms of the technology. I had the chance to see a bit of it in Denver and it’s going to be lauched right after Lifextreme. So you can imagine the sort of good things that are out there and that are being planned. But, of course, you have to be there. So, buy your ticket if you haven’t yet, get things ready to be there, don’t leave your business to chance, don’t think “I don’t know if I should go” or “I don’t know if it’s necessary”. It doesn’t matter. Believe in one thing: if it wasn’t vital for your business, the event wouldn’t exist. What we take advantage of from eachother, from hanging out and the knowledge is an incredible thing so I have to challange you to be there. If you had doubts, you don’t need them anymore.

I’ll see you there, I’ll be there, you can spend time with me and other people in the group.

No matter where you live, there are trains, cars, airplanes, to bring you. Purchase your tickets now and don’t you dare miss this event.

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