“Don’t look for prosperity, look instead to develop the qualities that will bring prosperity to you.”

Wayne Dyer, in his book “Excuses Begone!” tells a very interesting tale, which I translate freely here:

“An old lady was going home through a path and found a gem. She took it and placed it in the bag which had her knapsack. Eventually she sat on a rock to rest. Then arose a beggar, hungry, who asked for something to eat. When she opened the bag to share with him the knapsack, the beggar saw the precious stone and asked:

– If you gave me that gem I would have to eat forever, I’d never have to go hungry again.

The old lady then took the stone and gave it to him, along with some food. A few days later someone knocked at the door of the humble old lady’s house. It was the beggar who came to return the gemstone. He said:

– Teach me the quality that you have that made ​​you give me the precious stone when I asked for it “.

The beggar understood that prosperity will pass if you are not prosperous inside.

The success, money, relationships come and go, but you remain and will always attract not what you want, but what you are.

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