“We become true heroes, just one step at a time, treating each thing as it comes.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Quantum physics has brought an unheard angle to our world view.

Revolutionized and continues to revolutionize our scientific understanding of reality.

By stating, for example, that the observer becomes a participant in whatis being observed in order to shape reality simply by being there, dangerously approaches the spiritual teachings of Lao Tzu, dating back to over 600 years BC and which are present in all spiritual traditions. It seems that a certain spiritual intuition (I do not say religious) pointed towards a journey throughout human history, that only in the XXI century science began to discern with astonishment.

But back to quantum physics.

Among the many discoveries made in the last fifty years, one of the most disturbing is the “quantum leap”:

a particle of matter is in a position of space and suddenly appears in another without having crossed the path needed to get there.

Just disappeared on one side and appeared on the other, as if it had said “beam me up, Scotty!” which is what it said on the TV series, Star Trek, when someone wants to be teleported.

This quantum leap, which is inexplicably observable in nature, is also embedded in our mental system. When someone wants to get the result without paying the price, is trying a quantum leap. When you want to lose weight after a day of diet and exercise, when you want to create a business and make money the next day, when you train half an hour and you want to win the gold medal, or want to be rich without having walked the path of prosperity.

Everyone is in search of the Quantum Leap in their lives: a great opportunity, Euro-million, this business, this job, this relationship, this bank account, this a car or house, or profession, or income, the “get rich now”.

Yeah, but I’ve got good news and bad news. What do you want first? The bad?

Ok, so here’s the good:

The good news is that everything I described before, the car, the house, the bank account, relationships, business, etc.., and even more things such as health, welfare, happiness, harmony and inner peace, generosity and heroism even, all this is within your reach. Want to travel by helicopter or private jet? Want to spend six months of vacation a year in exotic locations? It seems that these things are completely impossible for you, right? This is for the rich and famous, right? Correct. But each of them is nothing more nor less than you as a human being and as potential.

And you can develop your potential as they developed their.

Does it not seem logical? It is logical and obvious that they did something that you have not done yet, but I put the emphasis on “yet”.

Did you like the good news? Me too.

Now the bad:

None of those things will come into your life by mistake. You wll not do any quantum leap between “stretching the salary” and “driving a Ferrari” or between “having an unhappy relationship” and “being happy in love” or even between “being sick” and “selling health”. No. Although you convince yourself that you will have the opportunity to change your life in seconds, this will not happen. You will have opportunities yes, but they won’t suddenly take you from the “middle class” to the “Ferrari”, they only take you one little step at a time. Sometimes this little step is so small that most people despise it and that is why most people do not have 6 months of vacation per year.

Personally, (I speak for myself because I can not speak for other people) I went from spending over three years of 14 hours of work daily and bankruptcy to 4 hours of daily work and vacation when I want. But the best is yet to come because I have not even started working seriously in detail in the “little way.”

It’s just that I myself am in the process of mental cleaning and removing the attitude viruses.

How do you manage everything that you propose yourself? Among other things you need to take a small step at a time, treating each opportunity as occasion arises. Thank you Eleanor.

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