Words of my wife, Melissa, who I love:

“In a true family everyone helps to fulfill the dreams of each other.

The Lazy Millionaire family works well, sometimes more than our blood family, who instead of supporting us in our decisions, we still give us a hard time for wanting to be free.

Raising four daughters with little money makes us very creative … ”

In this video she talks about the difficulties of overcoming and happiness of being free.

Hello everyone. First of all, I don’t know if you noticed, but everyone who spoke here today talked about the family. You noticed? “The Lazy family”.  And what happens in a real family? Everyone has dreams and the entire family helps one individual to acomplish that dream. That’s just what happens here and sometimes it doesn’t happen in our own families, we’re given a hard time.

I know there are a lot of people here in that situation but another thing we have in common is that we have our dreams and we had the courage to be here to start making those dreams come true. And that can be a little scary because it makes us do things we’re not used to, it makes us open our minds and it’s painful because it touches our identity. But that is necessary for our evolution. So it’s very good to be here and earn a lot of money to have the financial freedom that we want but, and everyone has talked about it and it’s very good and we have a lot of examples of that that we can share, but besides that it’s a place were I’ve seen incredible personal transformations that I never thought I’d see. People overcoming difficulties that I thought were going to stick around for sure. It’s very rewarding to see that. Starting with my life and everyone I know, everyone in this business has been suffering more or less transformations for the better. It’s incredible.

So I want to congradulate everyone for having the courage, the strength and willpower to be here and do whatever it takes to let go of that previous identity that wasn’t doing us any good and embracing this new identity so that we can do what really makes us happy. We’re here for a very short time, (right Marina?) and during that time we have to make the most of everything as well as we can.

And, in fact, it’s not about the money, it’s about the quality of life. There are so many people out there with lots of money but have no quality of life and that is essencial. I am very happy that all my daughters are in the business because I’m absolutly positive that they are going to have a great lifestyle.

SILVIO – Do you want to describe a little of what it was like to raise 4 daughters and your husband, and the process of counting pennies and the process were you see yourself in a new stage of your life, having dreams, having projects, doing things, being able to conquer simple things that you couldn’t before… Can you describe that journey for us?

Well, raising 4 daughters, with or without money is always a difficult mission, but when there’s no money it makes it a lot harder. On the other hand it makes us be a lot more creative, right? So my creative side was developed a lot and we get used to doing things a certain way and, even today, I have to correct myself. For example, when I’m cooking for my family I have the tendency to do a budget of what’s in the frige. So, “This is going to have to be enough for the rest of the week” and I streatched it and streatched it until it works. Cooking 1 chicken for twelve people is not easy, but it’s possible and it’s good. So now, when I’m preparing a meal I can use just chicken breasts, we all have chicken breasts today, I don’t have to be picking the chicken to the bone because it’s enough for all of us to eat. I know these things seem idiotic, but they’re real and it’s hard to break out of these habits.

Paula reminded me of something, one day when I went to an ATM, I always usualy asked to see my balance, but when I looked and saw the numbers it quind of starteled me and I though “Wait, this isn’t mine”. I kept the reciept, it’s in my wallet, because I thought my reaction to it was so funny.

But, to be able to provide, not only to be able to buy what we want, but being able to provide to the people we love with experiences… The trip to Rome with my mother was something out of this world. She still  hasn’t stoped talking about it, it was her dream but she never had had the chance to go. She also never had quality of life, she never had problems with money but never had a good lifestyle, she worked and worked and worked. And the sadest thing is that, at 75 years of age, after all that work, she can’t retire because she has properties in the Algarve and she has no money. She thought about living from the income provided by the stores she has down there, but no one who’s there pays her and the ones that don’t have anyone there obviously don’t bring her money. But she still has to pay to keep the stores. And at her age, after sso much work, this sadens me and I don’t want that to happen to anyone in my family anymore. So, until everyone is in Empower, slowly we’ll get there.

But that’s basicaly it. Changing the chip in our head is hard, and having that experience and sharing this with someone… When my sister was here, the happiness she showed for seeing us doing what we want, and going to the best restaurant, and helping my youngest daughters’ friend. Her name is Olivia and she’s taking riding lessons, and her friend doesn’t have as many possibilities, we paid for her classes behind her mom’s back while telling her it was free so that she could go… These are things that… there’s no explination for… and it was never possible for us.

“Start turning your dreams into reality. It can be scary, but it’s necessary for our evolution” – Melissa Gabriel

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