“When the work is completed the best leaders, the people say: we who did it.” – Lao Tzu

A person is great when assumes full responsibility for the failures and shares the glory of the successes.

Do you agree? I think so.

Let us then your size:

  • You get angry when someone steals an idea and gets credit for something you did? Points: zero
  • When you’re shown that you did something wrong, you try to justify yourself? Points: another zero.
  • You show yourself happy but do you feel sad even when some friend succeeded in something you would like to succeed in? Points: one more zero.
  • You compare the car, the house, the wife, the husband, the clothes, the style, language and salary with friends and you feel higher or lower depending if you consider that you got it better or worse than them? Points: yet another zero.

And the list could go on adding more zeros.

The problem with zeros is that they’re not applicable as sums, the result is always the same: zero.

If you can have the best car, house, etc … in a way that your companions feel that they also participated in your success, to enforce a good idea even making it appear that it was not yours so that another can feel proud, take responsibility for fixing your own mistakes others’ and feel proud of your friend who managed to achieve that objective, then you are a leader who squeezes all the best out of others and give them real expression.

As a life project, so suddenly, I can not think of a better than one, to give real expression to your potential and others’.

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