“I deserve the best and accept the best now.” – Louise Hay

There are several steps to take in order to receive the things from the universe that you wish for:

  • Know exactly what you want,
  • Visualize it every day as if you already have it,
  • Define an action plan to accomplish this dream,
  • Execute the plan with certainty that you already got it,
  • Accept to receive your dream.

This last part is obviously crucial. And I am convinced that a good portion of us do everything right until we reach the receiving part. Here, they are in doubt, “it doesn’t seem possible,” “it’s not for me”. They recognize that many things will change from now on and are afraid of this change. Then they retract and the dream is undelivered. It’s returned to the sender because the recipient was behind the door while the postman rang the doorbell.

This applies to all your complaints. When you complain the universe sends you a solution. If you don’t accept it you will continue to complain, but you will hardly have the same opportunity again. These rarely knock twice at the same door. No answer, “Back to Sender”.

  • You think that if you ask for money you will receive money? No. What you will get is a chance to get that money.
  • If you ask for love will you receive love? Not at all. You will receive the opportunity to reach that love.
  • If you ask for personal achievement, do you think you’ll receive personal fulfillment? Mistake. You will receive, rather, an opportunity for you fulfil yourself personally.

Same goes for anything else you wanna be, have or do. You can ask for whatever you want, but know that what you will receive is an opportunity to make this dream come true, nothing more.

It’s in your hands to accept this opportunity and develop it until it transforms you and your circumstances and it makes your dream a reality.

I think the greatest sadness that we have in life is to walk around complaining when we have, in the post office, a mountain of orders with our name, which we left to be stamped with ” returned to sender “.


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