This video was made to show my affiliates the path to success: Overcoming.

No matter what your current circumstances are, they contain always an opportunity for you to overcome yourself and that is the path of success.

For new affiliates the path is: Be All In and be at the Club Insomnia.

For you who is not yet an affiliate, you can not do it. This overcoming isn’t yours yet. Yours is simpler.

Hello, I’m Rui Gabriel. This is a special message for our affiliates at Empower Network and the Lazy Millionaires. If you are a Lazy Millionaire, great, this message is for you. If you’re not a Lazy Millionaire then find a way to become one, you have to be.

Lets focus on the Lazy Millionaires and on the message I have for you today.

We or on a qualification. In other words, as you noticed, the business progresses from challange to challenge. So when we started Empower Network, and when you started in Empower Network, your first challenge was to fill out the form, to pay $25 for a blogging system, and then another challenge wich is to have the backoffice, then another challenge wich was to follow the first steps that are available to you in the backoffice. For some people they are harder challenges, for others they are easier, but the truth is that all of them are challenges.

And as time goes by you will be challenged to be, have and do increasingly more advanced and harder things. Why? Because that how you progress. You can’t progress satying the same. So we want everyone to progress and we want you to progress, and that’s why we are constantly challenging you. Truely, it’s a way of being, to live challenged is a life philosophy and a way of being. It has everything to do with Lazy Millionaire DNA.

We are called Lazy Millionaires because we want to enjoy life and earn a lot of money. Of course our motto is “Enjoy Life and Make the Difference”. The truth is, for us to be Lazy Millionaires, we need to work a lot and we need to know how to overcome challenges.

And one of the challenges we are always putting in front of us are the qualifications. There is always something that will give you some advantage and that you have to do something for. You need to “compete”. You need to overcome yourself. You need to do something that you had never done until now. That’s why they’re called challenges and that’s why we always grow by overcoming ourselves, right? Everything is a constant overcoming trial. And that’s why we grow a lot and very quicky. If someone is happy about the position they got into, with what they have, naturally they’re not going to do anything else to move forward, right?

Since there are always challenges, right now we have the new Insomnias Club that is about to start. W e have Insomnia A, Insomnia B and the Mastermind 15K. For each 0ne of these there are qualifications. And for every person in every circunstance there is a next step. So if you never participated in any program or workshop from the Insomnias Club, the only thing you have to do is go to the backoffice, look at what’s there about the Insomnias Club, if you don’t know as custumer service to help, and do everything, the possible and impossible to get qualified. I know the importance of the Insomnias Club, I’ve talked about it in other ocasions, it’s the only known way for you to advance very quickly in the generation of contacts, to be able to have hundreds of contacts a day and to shorten that learning curve of what would be, say, a year into a month. I don’t know if you’re interested. Of course it represents a challenge, that’s why not everyone is there, that’s whynot everyone earns $1000 a day, because you need to overcome lots of challenges to achieve these quinds of results. And some people just simple don’t want to do it.

It’s not a question of statistics or probabilities, it’s a question of willpower and desire. I’ll give you an example. It happened in the Insomnias B that I am leading, this is the second part of Insomnias A. Insomnias A is focused on the generation of leads, and Insomnias B is focused on conversions. So to be in the second part you need to be in the first one. But the story I’m going to tell you is real and it happen during a qualification for Insomnias B:

You needed to have participated in Insomnias A and generated at least 200 leads in one day to be able to apply for Insomnias B. What happened was that the qualifications ended on a tuesday and, on saturday, someone came to talk to me and said “it’s very hard, I haven’t been able to generate more than 100 leads in one day. I managed 80 or 90 a couple of times but 200 leads is out of my reach and I don’t know what to do.” I told him “It’s Saturday, you have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. You have three days, but you only need one to do something you have never done before. So you can do one of two things: you can give up, or you can fight until the last second and if you make that’s awesome, and if you don’t it’s okay because there’s always a next time.” And this person said “okay, I think I don’t stand a chance.” and decided to stay the same, wich he did. Curiously, that same day, one other person called Rosa Guimarães talked to me about exactly the same thing. She said “Rui, I haven’t made it so far. I’ve been in Insomnias for a month and I still haven’t been able to unlock my spring to know how to do it. I don’t have money to invest in publicity and I don’t know what to do.” And I answered the exact same thing I told the other person, “It’s Saturday, you have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. You have three days, but you only need one to do something you have never done before. You can give up now or you can go do what ever you want to make sure you are qualified by tuesday and get those 200 leads.” The thing is, Rosa said “okay, I’ll try” and something amazing happend. These two people who were in the same circunstances on Saturday, come Tuesday night at about 23:30, (the deadline is at mid-might) Rosa Guimarães sent me a very excited e-mail because she had generated 280 leads on that very day, the last day for qualifying. So she sent me her application for Insomnias B and was accepted.

Isn’t that interesting? While the other person simply didn’t show up and decided not to surpass that difficulty. But it’s not a problem, the right thing is to let everyone do it their way. The reallity is that, later, the results are also equivalent. Then, something very interesting happened. Recently, about 2 weeks ago, Silvio Fortunato gave us another challenge. In the meantime we got to the second edition of Insomnias B, there are already people making money. Now Silvio Fortunato lauched this program called Mastermind 15K, which is a program given by him for us to create conditions to earn $50.000 a month. He knows how to do it, he’s done it, he knows what he had to do to make it happen, so he is in conditions to teach us. And one of the circunstances to participate in this program is to have graduated from Insomnias A and B. What happens here? Rosa, who I spoke of before, because of the extra effort she made during those 3 days, not only she got to participate in the Insomnias but also she is one of the 5 people who, until now has graduated. She signed up 4 people in 4 days, she was top 87 worldwide in recruitment in Empower Network and she is qualified for the Mastermind 15K. What happened to the person that, 2 months ago, decided not to run after the Insomnias B promotion? He wasn’t in Insomnias B, he wasn’t at the event, he wasn’t even to 200 in the leaderboard and now he is not in the Mastermind 15K.

Why am I talking about it? Because every decision that we make changes a bit of the direction that our life will be going from then on. A tiny decision like not running after a promotion for 3 days, or not running after a qualification, or running, this made a tiny change in the course of these two people’s lives, and in Rosa Guimarães’ case it took her on a course to success. And she is now top 5 in our group. You see where liitle decisions can take you?

And right now, in front of you, there is a decision. For some it’s bigger, for some it’s smaller but that doesn’t matter. If a challenge is very big it only means that you are very behind in your process. It’s like if, now I earn $2000 a month and I want to go up to $1000 a day. How do I go from $2000 a month to $1000 a day? Obviously it’s a big leap, but together with this leap comes the creating of big circunstances and big challenges to overcome. And you can be relaxed in relation to that because all the necessary challenges are placed in front of you. So what you have in front of you now, quickly, is the qualification to the Insomnias. If you never participated in one you have to be in Insomnias A. If you already participated in Insomnias A you have to generate at least 200 leads in one day to garantee your position in Insomnias B so you can participate. If you already participated in Insomnias B you have to sign up an average of 4 people in 4 days to be able to be a part of Mastermind 15K. “Oh, but now I only have one day left, how am I going to sign up 4 people in 4 days?” 4 people in 4 days on average, so if you only have one day, you can sign up 4 people today. Yes. It’s the difference between who runs after and who doesn’t, those who are sleeping and those who are awake.

These little decisions and overcomings that we go through with time are what get us facing a certain direction, in a certain course. And a month from now, or two or three or a year, our life was in a certain position, or it’s in a completly different one according to the decisions we make now.

Does that make sence to you? It does to me. Everything that I’m saying, I do. Every challenge that I’m telling you to overcome, I overcame. I started Empower Network without money, I bough the $25 subscription and I had to wait a week to have the $100 for the Inner Circle, then I started buying all the other products, I financed myself obviously.

All this to say that no one is different from anyone. We all have our challenges, we all have our stories to write and situations to overcome. You are also in the position and right now you are before a decision that will turn your life in one direction, or another. In the direction of success or the direction of the same that you already have. And the direction to success always comes with challenges, always out of your comfort zone. When you feel that it’s time for you to do something you didn’t really want to do, finding a solution, fighting for something and you don’t have that personality, that’s okay because you have to do it. That is how we grow. So get qualified for the Insomnias, if your position is with Insomnias A then run after it, if it’s with Insomnias B then run after it, if it’s with the Mastermind 15K then run after it because it’s these things that makes us grow.

Big hug to you. I’ll see you in Insomnias B, with myself as moderator, or in Insomnias A with Hugo Boaroto as moderator, or at the Mastermind 15K with Silvio Fortunato as moderator.

The Overcoming that you need at this moment is only this: purchasing your initial subscription of $ 25 dollars and pay attention to your email because you will receive a message (in Portuguese) sent by me with an indication of your next challenge: to have the backoffice of Lazy millionaires and the whole system in Portuguese.

With these two simple steps, for some people they are simple, to others it’s complex, you’ll be able to build an entire system of income generation, 100% online and without picking up the phone.

Are you ready to overcome this initial trial?



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