“Humor is a way to be brave.” – Sharon Stone

Myths about a sad clown or a happy poor don’t touch me, yet they teach me some things.

The first can be summed up with the Anglo-Saxon phrase that many of my MLM friends know: “fake it until you make it” or “your pretense now become the real thing,” a free translation.

I saw the other day on TV, the news about classes of laughter, and laughter therapy. In class there was a small group of people holding hands in a circle, jumping up and laughing. The journalist spoke to a journalist and a lawyer, stating that laughter made them feel in a better mood, more creative and patient in their work.

Personally, before a setback or a difficult problem I usually, since childhood, use my imagination to project myself into the future, a situation in which this problem is solved, and experiment a great relief. I did it at school when panicking during an exam, and other stressful situations, with friends, family, etc.. Closed my eyes, imagined it all settled and said to myself “this will all pass, all this will pass.”

The fact that I do this exercise in my imagination, imagining myself in the future with all this resolved, allowed me to later reverse engineer (in my imagination), and try to understand what steps I, in my imagination, would take to get that result.

Sometimes this had no effect, but most of the time my state of mind, creative ability and mental acuity returned as if by magic.

The panic and disorientation, simply vanished.

I still use this technique whenever I am confronted with problematic situations of high emotional effect, but I have also experienced with all areas of life: relationships, in professional success, personal fulfillment, etc.. The technique of reverse engineering proves to be quite effective.

All this to say something very simple: If you force yourself to have a good attitude, this will become your nature.

Even though it seems at first that it’s not true, it’s all a big scam, you are not being false, you are choosing to be who you want to be, without the fatalism of “I can not do anything! …. I am this way! … “. Because having a bad attitude also is the creation of your mind and your environment, and implemented in exactly the same way: a chronic form of thinking.

Always being in a good mood is to be brave? Not really. If this is your nature.

What is certain is that you can choose to be who you want and how you want, regardless of the circumstances.

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